Received this from our web host:

We would like to inform you that we will replace your current Cloud VPS platform, hosting your server with the most innovative Linux containers cloud infrastructure. Your server will be migrated on the new infrastructure on Wednessday, August 19th, from 1AM to 9AM CDT.

Why change the cloud platform?

Our team is always looking for new and better technologies that could enhance the overall performance of the websites we host. Last year, we decided to adopt a new cloud technology - the Linux Containers, which are considered the smartest and hottest virtualization technology due to its efficient resource utilization and capacity for infinite and instant scalability. After more than 12 months of work on building our own secure and redundant Linux Containers cloud and beta-testing it heavily, we are now migrating all our Cloud VPS accounts to it. After the migration, we will permanently discontinue the maintenance of the old Cloud VPS platform.

You may read more on how it began here:

The Benefits of the New Linux Containers Clouds

The new cloud platform offers you some major advantages and service enhancements:

  • Faster websites thanks to the lightweight Linux Container technology and SSD storage.
  • Instant scaling of any of the server resources (RAM, CPU, space) without downtime or rebooting of the machine.
  • Option to set your CPU and RAM to auto-scale when certain usage is reached, which is a great way to avoid any downtime or slowness in times of unexpected traffic spikes.
  • All performance boosters will be FREE of charge! If you have been paying for one until now, we will discontinue all charges due after August 19.

Important Billing information:
No change in your monthly fees!

In order to extend to you some of the benefits of the new cloud infrastructure such as the flexible scaling options, we had to rework our prices. However, for all old Cloud VPS accounts, we are keeping the old pricing unchanged and you will see no change in your monthly fees due!

Please note however, that if you choose to upgrade your Cloud plan or take advantage of any of the scaling options, the new pricing will kick in. You may see our new prices here:

What you need to do?

You don't have to worry about anything! We will simply migrate your data on the new infrastructure and keep all your settings as they are. We expect a downtime of a few minutes and up to 1 hour on the day of the migration. We kindly recommend you to not make any changes on your website on that day in order to prevent momentary data losses.

On migration day, please check your HelpDesk section in your User area for updates of the migration status.