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Thread: EF Johnson SMA (Subscriber Management Assistant) PDA build questions

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    Default EF Johnson SMA (Subscriber Management Assistant) PDA build questions

    After doing a bit of research into encryption keyloading for the EF Johnson 5100/5300 series radios, I have discovered that their first generation Subscriber Management Assistant was essentially just a Windows Mobile 5.0 Key Management Program built into a Hewlett-Packard hx2490b PDA, along with an HP-to-DB9 male serial cable, and some type of DB9 female-to-EFJ (mobile or base) cable (perhaps a KVL cable?). The reason I am asking is because I happen to own a decent-condition HP hx2495b PDA. (Per HP the hx2490b and the hx2495b are actually the same exact PDA hardware/software/firmware, with the 2490 being marketed directly from HP directly to corporate customers, and the 2495 being marketed by HP through resellers such as CompUSA, Best Buy, etc.). If that is indeed the case, I was wondering if it would be possible to use my hx2495b as an EFJ keyloader if I could source 1) a Windows Mobile 5.0 keyloading program, 2) an HP-to-serial Male DB-9 adapter, and 3) a KVL keyloader cable that is serial DB9 female on one side with a EFJ-5100-type interface on the other end. Also, I have seen the KVL cables displayed on the net, and I am sure that the "radio end" of the cable will fit my radios, but I am not sure what the other end of the KVL cable looks like. So, I guess what I am asking, if my PDA had a copy of a key management software on it, and I connected that PDA -> HP-to-DB9 male -> KVL cable -> EFJ-5100, could I use it as an encryption keyloader for my 5100, or would I need something else inline to make this work? If this sounds like it would not work, I would like to know before investing in a couple of hundred dollars worth of cables. Any advice along these lines would be sincerely appreciated!

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    If anyone has pinout information for the EF Johnson SMA cables, I can add these cables to our lineup at a substantial discount to the EFJ pricing.

    Just let me know what you're looking for.

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    I know this thread is old now but just to update, EFJ creates an encrypted file that is placed on the SMA that is based on the serial number of the PDA. This prevents people from transporting the SMA software to another device and using it for free.