I need some advice. Im in the process of getting a commercial uhf 450-470 repeater pair. We currently have an msf5000 repeater, which i know is not narrow band capable. I cannot afford to purchase a Quantar or an mtr2000 (especially @ ebay prices). Is it worth it, to purchase 2 cdm's, either a 1250s or a 750s (one for recieve, one to excite the msf5000 amp), a decent controller and construct my own repeater that is narrow band compliant? Ive read up alot on using the msf5000 amp as a standalone unit, i just have no clue if it would hold up to being used fairly heavy a few nights a week.

Would there be a big difference in using a cdm on the recive end, versus using an actual repeater for the recive?

Any ideas/opinions would be helpful.