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Thread: Icom IC-F80DS Low Audio

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    Default Icom IC-F80DS Low Audio

    Hi all,

    Figured I would forge ahead and post in the Icom forum, for fun... All the Icom F80D's I've ever had seem to have quiet audio on most P25 signals... Lower than the analog stuff. Has anyone found any fix or adjustment? Unfortunately, the audio amplifier is way underrated for this class of portable, in my opinion (only 350mW).

    I had never put one of these on the service monitor until today and found that they have astounding sensitivity. Our service monitor goes down to .07uV, and if I open the squelch, I can actually hear my 1khz test tone (analog, of course) at 0.10uV, which you'd be hard-pressed to do with an XTS2500 or similar (of course, the XTS have the famous "fake white noise").

    Anyone had much experience with these guys?

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    Yeah, they are junk. Crap for front-end filtering, hence the astounding sensitivity... And crap for selectivity. I have one someone gave me, programmed in some ham channels, and no matter what I do, the thing dumps to "Low Power" mode after a few seconds on any amateur channel. The microphone on the thing is atrocious, no matter what you do you sound like you're talking through a paper towel tube. Iffy P25 operation (even with recent firmware), poor audio output, cheap chassis build, typical ICOM trash. And the radio I was given was nearly brand new, just used as a demo before the dealer decided to drop the line.

    ICOM's current stuff reminds me of what Kenwood's commercial stuff was like in the late 80's and early 90's.

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    I had one for a few weeks, sorry to say but as D119 said they are a POS radio. The P25 TX audio was awful with the local mic (an RSM did improve it some).


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    Yeah, it does seem kind of unpolished, the more I use it... I find it hard to believe some of the stuff Icom Japan designs and puts out, like a public safety P25 portable with piss-weak audio output. I work for an Icom dealer, and it seems like they often miss the mark just by a tiny little bit, keeping a product in the zone of being "Okay" instead of "excellent", just because of a few blunders that could have been easily fixed in the design process. I'd be interested to know if any public safety agencies are using these...

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    I have all iCOM P25 radio's from the F80DT to the F2821D my HT works like a dream no problem what so ever, And for the price of the units they are cheap (they are no Motorola by far) but they work.
    it was my mobile units i had a problem with P25 decode but downgrade the FW and all is working well. the audio is very lowed on the mobiles and the HT could be better but I never have to have to
    turn it up past 1/2 way.