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Thread: Identifying 1 Meg Vs. 512k Vocons

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    Default Identifying 1 Meg Vs. 512k Vocons

    When to Astro Digital Saber and Astro Spectra first came out (1995) they had 512k of flash memory on the vocon board for storing the Host firmware. Motorola soon discovered they would need more in the future, so radios manufactured after November of 1996 included a new vocon with 1meg of flash memory for the Host firmware. All vocons feature 256k for the DSP firmware.

    How do you tell which vocon you have? There are several ways, including looking at the manufacture date of the radio, putting it in test mode and looking for it to say 1meg, looking for a 1meg emblem on the model tag or looking at the part # of the vocon. However all of these methods can lead to mistakes as old firmware doesn't report the host size even in a 1meg vocon; radios going to the depot and receiving upgraded vocons; or people substituting parts or swapping part # stickers. The true 100% accurate way to determine it is to physically inspect the vocon.

    This is a 512k Vocon
    Notice the two flash ic's
    512k Vocon.jpg

    This is a 1meg Vocon
    Notice the single Intel flash ic
    1meg vocon.jpg

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    Default Version numbers

    You can also tell by the board version number, if the sticker hasn't fallen off - Rev. "D" was the last 512k VOCON, Rev. "E" or later are 1 Meg VOCON's.