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Thread: HAMS: Beware of DMR-MARC codeplug templates/cloning

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    Default HAMS: Beware of DMR-MARC codeplug templates/cloning

    Hamsters: You need to be aware of a complication/undesirable issue which will manifest itself if you choose to use/clone a DMR-MARC codeplug template into your radio.

    Example: If you are using a R02.50.05 (firmware) R09.04.22 (codeplug) radio, and you try dumping/cloning programming from another TRBO radio with the same model/tanapa into yours, be sure to check the codeplug versions match.

    I'm working on a support issue for a client which involves missing features/unfavorable audio settings. His codeplug was at R09.04.22 and firmware was R02.50.05 (latest versions). After investigating the complaints, it was discovered values/settings from an older codeplug version were present, which wiped the internal values out, associated with those found in a R09.04.22 template. (old shit overwrote the new shit).

    Be sure to verify the codeplug versions match (not CPS versions; codeplug versions) before doing a direct clone. A drag-and-drop of pertinent data is safe, and should be done instead of a direct codeplug clone.

    Should anyone be affected by this complication, the only option is to perform a recovery option, from within CPS. Be sure to back up your tuning file before committing to this repair.

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