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Thread: KVL3000 front housing

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    Default KVL3000 front housing

    Is this still available, and if not, will a KVL3000+ housing fit the old KVL3000?

    I've got one that's in mostly nice condition, but the display bezel has a ****load of tiny scratches that give it a cloudy appearance and make it hard to read.

    If I can't get one, I might try some of that polish people use on motorcycle helmet visors.

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    I've enquired myself about something simular and no, although they look the same on the outside, the 3000 and 3000+ cases are not even close to being interchangeable (I didn't take these pictures so I hope the person who did doesn't mind me sharing them?)

    Side By Side 1.jpg

    Side By Side 2.jpg

    To get a new screen you have to buy a rehousing kit which was well over $300 IIRC, damn expensive just to replace a piece of clear plastic!