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Thread: XTS3000 PTT Part

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    Default XTS3000 PTT Part

    The rubber/plastic cover over the PTT button on one my XTS3000s has cracked and fallen out of the fitting on the case. I have had no luck finding a replacement or part number and hope someone can help me out?

    Also, do these parts just press back in to the moulded case or does the case need to be disassembled so the part can be fitted from inside?



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    As this is a PARTS ID request, it has been moved to the PARTS ID forum.

    The exploded-view of the case is listed in the detailed service manual.

    Unfortunately, the part you are looking for is not available. You must purchase a new case. They can be purchased on eBay.

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    I've run into this one before. There is no way to get the PTT button as they are locked into the side housing. There is a small tab that goes up behind the two buttons towards the lower section and a plastic post that is press-fit-locked when the housing was assembled at the factory. You will need a new housing. If I am incorrect and some fellas on here know different than my conclusion, feel free to correct me. As the parts explosion shows, this is considered part of the housing so there is no specific model number for this part other than a housing number. You can't disengage that side portion from the backside other than the flex ribbon connector. At this point I just read Mars' last sentance, haha. Yep....confirmed.

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    We've got many 3000 housings sitting in our junk pile for this very same problem. Usually nothing else wrong apart from not being able to PTT.