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Thread: 5100 w/ global scan list

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    Default 5100 w/ global scan list

    I use an EF Johnson Ascend 5100 to scan a local P25 system (using the conventional channel method) and have noticed that when scanning all 16 talkgroups it tends to not scan some of the selected talkgroups. I find that selecting anything over more than 9 or 10 talkgroups is when I notice the behavior. It's an awesome radio, and with this particular system being simulcast it blows the scanner out of the water.

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this bug? Here is what I have:

    EF Johnson Ascend Portable
    Model 242-5575-810HQ4
    700/800 Mhz
    Firmware Version 4.14.5
    I use PCC 2.10.2 to program the radio

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    RWS seems to be tricky on some radios. It took us several tries to get working on some of our member's radios. A buddy of mine claims that what system his radio is on (We have 4 analog & 1 P25 digital systems here) when he turns on RWS scan will affect his performance. I'm in another part of town; hitting different towers from him most of the time, and don't see as much of a problem...

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    I haven't noticed too much of a problem.. I know it misses the odd transmission here and there, but nothing major. And I agree on the simulcast... one of the systems I monitor is CQPSK and the audio quality is light years beyond any of my scanners. I'm still tempted to get an XTS2500 someday though so I can scan more talkgroups. Just need to find one at a reasonable price.