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Thread: EFJ 5100 4.12.x Firmware files

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    Default EFJ 5100 4.12.x Firmware files

    Hi, I am looking for the express updater for 4.12.x firmware.. If anyone out there has it I'd love to get a copy.. I don't care if it's the express updater or the hex files for PCC, just as long as it's 4.12.anything.. Thanks!!

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    After you register to join the forums, choose the Software Downloads forum, and register for that too. After you complete both steps you will be able to access the software download forums to download PCConfigure v2.10.0 which will let you upgrade your radio V4.x.x firmware to the latest available. Don't forget to grab the Out-Of-Band (OOB) mod files too, otherwise you will not be able to program ham frequencies into the 900MHz radios. The software is available because it is obsolete and no longer supported by EF Johnson. So far this site has the best discussion of the EFJ 5100 radios that I've found. You will find a bit of information regarding test modes on the web site as well.

    One thing that was missing on was the info regarding the Trunking System Key string needed for changing the trunking system programming. That you can find on the web site.

    My radios arrived yesterday but I'm still waiting for the programming cable, so I really can't answer any operational questions.... This was an old post and I shouldn't have replied but someone may see this reply before reading the forum completely and this will point them in the right direction?

    Good luck & 73, Doug.
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