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Thread: MCS2000 S-Record Mapping

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    Default MCS2000 S-Record Mapping

    In my quest to change my model II MCS2000 to a model III, I had a running excel sheet highlighting various parts of the s-record I needed to change. Then I just said, what the heck, I'll highlight and annotate the whole thing. A few hours later, here it is. It's not 100% complete, because I used the block ID's found in this thread for the Astro Spectra codeplug, so every feature that the MCS has isn't listed.

    I've created a Google Sheets Document where anyone can comment with their suggestions and tell me anything I might've missed.

    MCS2000 S-Record Mapping - Google Sheets

    Hopefully this is of use to someone. I'll be referring to it a lot in upcoming experiments, and I might even start mapping out individual bytes and what they do depending on how much time I'm willing to waste.

    In the coming weeks I might map out a few more S-Records for things like the Astro Spectra, and maybe some portables too.

    Ending thought: thanks to FDBTool we known we can write to the S-Record, and we can also map out the entire byte structure of the S-record. Could this not lead to something along the lines of a 3rd-party CPS?

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