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Thread: EF Johnson 5100 series

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    Default EF Johnson 5100 series

    I'm fairly new the EFJ radio line. I have a few that I use for amateur radio and business. I would like to update the firmware to the latest. From looking at the PCC software and doing some programming, it looks like I just need the files and maybe the password??? If anybody can help or point me in the right direction, much thanks. My radios are version 4.x firmware. I have 1 EFJ 5100 and 1 EFJ 51SL. I hoping the firmware upgrade will do both. Please feel free to email me at

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    I've got the password, just don't have the files.

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    NCRadioTech if you get a chance shoot me an email. From what I understand, if I can get the files, the uplift is fairly straight forward. I always felt if you buy a radio, EFJ or Motorola...ect., firmware upgrades should be easy to come by. Since most firmware updates fix minor issues. But just my thought.