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Thread: MCS2000 memory structure question

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    Default MCS2000 memory structure question

    Can anyone tell me if the MCS2000 memory is all contained in the radio or is it divided up during programming? Does the RSS/CPS program the head in some fashion or is everything contained internally and the radio body just tells the head what to do? I guess my question could be answered by placing a totally different head on a radio that has never been programmed with it and then seeing if it works normally but I don't have a complete radio to test. I assume the heads are just dumb terminals that interpret information from the radio and display it and in turn send canned messages such as button press states back to the body.

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    FRom what I have seen the body of the radio takes all the programming. The model number etc of the codeplug recognise the control head.

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    That's what I was hoping to hear. Thanks.