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Thread: APX & ASTRO25 family Mission Critical audio adapter - FSB

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    Default APX & ASTRO25 family Mission Critical audio adapter - FSB

    Apparently it's got low audio. Surprise surprise. All Bluetooth devices seem to have low audio. This is because of OHSA morons who think we're all going to go deaf from listening to loud audio. They mean well, but like anything safety-oriented, it's often overdone, out of fear of someone intiating a bogus lawsuit.

    Moto has released a firmware update. Attached is the FSB detailing the problem(s).

    P.S. Moto, could you please test firmware in the "real world" before releasing next time? I can definitely relate to low Bluetooth audio issues on other devices -- often hardcoded and no way to fix.
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    What i find odd is ours had this firmware in them from the factory LAST MONTH... i guess the FSB department is a little backed up

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    The firmware came out on MOL around the beginning of February while the programming software came out around December.

    I beloeve the readme with the firmware mentioned the low audio issue althoug I've never noticed a problem with mine.