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Thread: Hello from Wisconsin USA!

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    Default Hello from Wisconsin USA!

    Just dropping a quick line to say hello to the forum. My name is Dave and I am an amateur radio operator located in New London, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

    I first became interested in radio one night when I was a young kid and I listened to an AM broadcast band radio. I was amazed at all the stations I could hear and from where they were located far away from me. It was so amazing that a very simple radio could take me all over the country.

    Then I borrowed my friend's shortwave radio and was introduced to the world.

    I tried to get my amateur radio license when I was 17 but I missed too many questions. I vowed to some day pass the test.

    I finally got my ticket in 2005 and soon thereafter upgraded to extra class.

    Then I was introduced to many different ways of communicating using computers and radio like APRS and packet radio. Computers have always been another interest of mine.

    Now I am fascinated by digital modulation. So this is why I am here... I want to learn more about digital voice and trunking schemes. This forum kept coming up in searches, so I knew this was someplace I needed to join.

    Thanks to all who have created this forum and continue to keep it running. I look forward to reading and learning.


    DE W9DJE

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    Welcome to the site, Dave. Good to have you here.

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