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Thread: Racal/Thales T25 Documentation, Software, Firmware and Tools

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    Default Racal/Thales T25 Documentation, Software, Firmware and Tools

    In the attached zip files you will find everything need for a Racal/Thales T25 (PRC6894).

    A little about the T25:

    Vhf 136-174 Mhz
    Conventional Analog wide and narrow
    P25 Conventional Narrow
    DES, DES-OFB and P25 AES256 and P25 Conventional OTAR
    256 Channels
    Fire Features option adds an additional capacity of 48 Channels in the Event Bank
    4 Banks of 16 Zones
    Fire Features option adds and additional an additional Bank
    Full mixed mode operational (tx and rx)
    Keyloading via standard Motorola KVL

    The attached files contain:
    File: T25 releases Mark 09
    T25 Charger firmware upade
    T25 PcProgrammer Software
    T25 Radio Firmware (8.3.3 for 503 and above radios and 5.13 for 501 radios)
    File: Manuals
    Radio Detailed User Guide
    PcP Manual
    Test Fixture Manual
    Radio Technical Service Manual (for repairs)
    T-25 Remote Commands
    File: Training
    PcP Training
    Radio Operation Training
    Radio Testing Training
    File: GPS
    Plug-ins, Instructions and needed files to use GPS with ESRI or other mapping software. GPS can me external GPS or GPS mic
    File: Upgrade - to add features to radios

    T25 releases Mar
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