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Thread: Motorola ATEX ANC RSM

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    Default Motorola ATEX ANC RSM

    I've been eyeing this RSM for a while now, but they aren't sold here in the US as far as I was able to find. I picked up a PMMN4094A from a UK dealer who shipped it to me in the US. It's a very nice RSM.
    I won't turn this into a sales plug, so if you want the name of the user here in the UK, PM me. He was very helpful, communicative, responsive, and shipped the item fast via International shipping. I was impressed.

    There's two part number sets that I found:

    UL Listed
    • PMMN4102B (black, long cable)
    • PMMN4102BGRN (green/black, long cable)

    ATEX Certified
    • PMMN4094A (ANC RSM, black, standard cable)
    • PMMN4100A (ANC RSM, black, long cable)

    Motorola Solutions page (non-US):


    Best Practices doc:

    Comparison to HMN4104B APX Display RSM (DRSM)....and APX8000 radio with PMAT4005A UHF/VHF/GPS antenna

    Side 3.5mm jack and nifty sliding cover. Cover slides up into RSM housing. Nothing to dangle or get torn off. No rubber to dry out and break. A nice touch!

    Top controls. Hi/Lo volume knob with center guard, programmable emergency button, top NEXUS jack and cover. Nexus jack cover folks back and snaps into a hole on the backside to retain it from getting caught or tearing off, though I think after time, it'll break off from drying out and cracking.

    ATEX-rated connector. Note no thumb screw....requires hex key for ATEX certification.

    • The clip is the very same as the XE RSM (rotating with D-ring, only the D-Ring is black metal, not silver).
    • The additional front PTT button is really nice... especially when wearing gloves. Its large and has good tactile feel. This front PTT will come in especially handy if you are working on something messy and have very dirty/muddy hands. You can use the back/heel of your hand to transmit without touching it with any fingers!
    • The side PTT button is not like any other RSM I've seen. Its almost exactly like an AXP7000XE PTT. Very tactile, doesn't feel "wobbly" side-to-side like the XE500 RSM.
    • The side 1-dot button has good tactile feel...not as large as the XE/XE500/XP side buttons, but still good tactile feel and touch.
    • The top emergency button has no "guard" ring like the XE and XE500 RSMs.
    • Volume knob is tactile and you hear if click into place in Hi or Lo. While I would have rather had a volume up/down button, having to repeatedly click that up or down would be slower than just grabbing the radio volume knob and turning it down or up.
    • To replace the cord, you have to open up the RSM head. Not as easy to replace the cord as the XE, XP, DRSM, or XE500 RSM.
    • The cable is high temp, thicker, more rigid. Rated to 100,000 flex cycles.
    • These RSMs are only IP67. My guess is probably because they have two audio jacks (NEXUS and 3.5mm). If there were no jacks at all, it might be IP68)
    • The "safety information" booklet that ships with it is a whopping 366 pages! While there's only 6 pages (7, but the 7th has only three sentences on it!) for English-US, it repeats it for THIRTY ONE (31 !!) other languages. This is in addition to the smaller, thinner "owner's guide" for the RSM much like the others that ship with other model RSMs)

    Initial audio quality tests are similar to the XP RSM.

    Photo of black/green version (not my instagram)

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    How much was the Rsm cant find it online
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    L398.00 list. L298.50 NSO. Current conversion is 1 British Pound = 1.40 US Dollar.