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Thread: APX8000XE Control Top (Black)

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    Default APX8000XE Control Top (Black)

    Does anyone know the part # for the APX8000XE Control top in black?

    Also, anyone know if its the same as the APX6000?

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    I believe the part numbers for the control tops are

    AS000022A01 Control Cap Assembly, MT-XE Black
    AS000022A02 Control Cap Assembly, MT-XE Yellow
    AS000022A03 Control Cap Assembly, MT-XE Green

    Unfortunately these are not available in my part of the world, but for me, it's far more cost effective to get the KT000017A01 APX8000XE chassis complete with control top which saves you the need for special tools to dismantle the control top.

    As the observant among you will notice from the pictures below, some ID labels have been pulled off in the recess where the battery goes, also somebody has pointlessly scraped out a foam pad in the bottom corner of the other side. They look like somebody in Penang dismantled a complete radio to supply spare parts. It may seem odd, but that is how Motorola ship these items, I have had several and they are all the same. The whole faintly second hand air is completed by the chassis being shipped in what looks to be the first used anti-static bag that they found lying about near the production line - it doesn't even have the part number on the bag and certainly not a box! I am sure some people would find it difficult to believe that a multinational monolith like Motorola could send out a product in this condition, however those of us who, like me, have 30+ years of experience dealing with bigM will know that in recent years semi-professional is merely an aspiration, rather than an achievable or achieved goal. Forget Intelligence Everywhere, Big Enough Not To Care would seem to be the new corporate motto.

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