I have a project to change a VHF PX-300S into the UHF 440-470 band. I am seeking a PX300S Manual, Prefer UHF but VHF is ok , the control board is my concern. Also, I will be playing with some MX300S DES so ANY documentation on the DES or DES-XL implementation will be most welcome. Depot level documents would be great.

While I am at it, I am looking for a PX300S/PT400 model battery box (NLN6406, 6407, 6408?) and/or the charger slice NLN6351A. If someone has a nice working (key word) high power 440-470 MHz MX300 with DES or DES-XL that would be welcome. I will also be looking for a EEPROM (C or D) and nice handset as this gets along as well.

Before I get too far ahead, I need to test this beast and I am of the opinion that it will run on nominal 13.8 volts on the 9 pin "D" connector pins 9 and 5 positive and 1 and 6 negative. If I am wrong, somebody throw a rock at me right away. Thanks Joe K4SAT