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Thread: Channel Elements and/or discrete crystal manufacturer ?

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    Default Channel Elements and/or discrete crystal manufacturer ?

    With International Crystal going out of business, does anyone know of a source (domestic or foreign)
    that will re-crystal and compensate Motorola channel elements for vintage equipment, eg; Motrac,
    Micor, Mocom 70, Mitrek, etc? ....or discrete crystals for HT220's ?

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    Tom, KA1NVZ contacted International a few weeks ago (June 2018) and apparently someone is still monitoring their E-mail address. They told him they had transferred all their files regarding processes, technology and specs to some outfit in Canada, which he is following up on. I don't see why they would have done that unless the Canadian firm wants to take up the business.

    That being said, have you bought crystals recently? A few months before International closed its doors, I bought crystals for a GE radio for a friend. $ 50 each for a bog standard HC-6/U rock. At that price range, doing an HT-220 would cost you more than $ 100 per channel. If the "new" owner of the ICM technology and processes does start doing channel element changes and compensation, at the same price level it would seem an element would run you over $ 100 to change.

    Regarding individual crystals, Quartslab in the UK has expressd interest in doing "one off" orders and the prices were rather reasonable. As far as I know they were not accepting channel element or Sicom work.

    Bomar in the USA is still doing crystals but for awhile they were getting cranky and would not do less than a fairly steep minimum order. I heard they relented recently, but you would still be looking at a sizable bill.

    I had expressed interest in using the programmable oscillator modules available from Digi Key by several manufacturers, which are very cheap,as channel elements, but I recall the best grades are something like 20 ppm, which is discouraging, and there is no provision to warp them on to frequency. Also the output purity is not spectacular. I mentioned these over on the Micor Yahoo Group and got yelled at by a bunch of people who accused me of trying to turn my Micor Spectra-Tac into a Baofeng. Your mileage may vary...

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    The other problem with generic oscillator modules is the old channel elements had an extra pin for TX MOD input. The direct-FM circuit worked similarly to the warp cap to vary the oscillator frequency, but based on an external signal - true FM. The receive elements had a dummy unconnected pin at the same location, and only had the warp cap to modify the oscillator frequency.

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