Hi All, does anyone have any further information on this or are using one of the AVTEC Scout consoles with the latest V2.4 software ??

Encryption Key Manager Application
Previously, VPGate included a Key Loader Application that was used to create and store encryption key data for Avtec’s Scout systems that use P25 radios or other advanced radios that use standard encryption mechanisms or the DVSI Vocoder. The Key Loader Application lets users enter keys manually through the application’s user interface.

  • A new application that provides Key Fill Device (KFD) support for users who need keys for encrypted voice or data to load keys into the application.
  • No tedious manual entry that can be prone to errors. Other features of the Key Manager
  • Expanded encryption support for P25 endpoints.
  • Support for multiple keys within a keyset.
  • An Activity History display for the transmit key used in receive audio streams; as well as a key selection tool for the dispatcher to select an outbound transmission key.