I'm looking for a known working copy of the Astro Saber / XTS3000 DOS RSS version R09.05.00

I already have a copy of the latest CPS but my XTS3000 was last programmed with DOS RSS so I want to start with DOS and maybe switch to CPS later.

I have already tried to install a version of DOS RSS R09.05.00 but it seems to be corrupted. I'm getting a message that there is insufficient HDD space (but there is 5GB remaining on my pure DOS laptop) and its also saying that the .ODB file is corrupted. I've programmed lots of other Motorola radios using DOS - Jedi stuff etc so I know that my laptop is OK etc.

The copy of DOS RSS I have tried is based around 2 disks and implements an uncompress routine when you run install.exe. Maybe I need a version of R09.05.00 which has already been uncompressed so all I need to do is copy over the RSS onto my pure DOS laptop with no need to run the install program??

Hope someone can help.