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Thread: Microphone plugged into DA15

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    Default Microphone plugged into DA15

    I have a vhf Astro Spectra mid power that is remote to a W9 head.

    I cannot due to space constraints and positioning connect the mic to the back of the W9 head.

    Reading around it appears that I have to move the surface mount jumpers based on the following photo

    So do I have to match this ? Has anyone connected a DA15 to a standard maxtrac/CDM mic? The other issue is the photos i've found online for the command board - don't match mine exactly, i've also seen suggestions that the ASTRO spectra may already be setup for MIC input at DA15. I don't think this one is. JU518 on my board is hard to figure out, because the layout from the schematics i've found online - doens't match.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.
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