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Thread: Convert Zetron Tone remote to IP

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    Default Convert Zetron Tone remote to IP

    I'm wondering if there would be a way of converting a Zetron tone remote to a ROIP using asterisk.

    The Zetron tone remote I'm using is different than most tone remotes since it uses high speed DTMF to do it's signaling instead of actual tones. So, I've tested using a live phone line, and the tone rmeote works. "IE, if I dial another phone, and then answer, then connect the tone remotes into the call" the tone remotes work.

    However, they are not made to handle ring voltages, so mostly i'm wondering if there is a way of making asterisk just connect two PAP2 adapters together and hold them in a conference or somthing.

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    Look at App_rpt and the USB URI for that application. Should do what you want. It's designed for radios and would support the DTMF and such and no fears of ring voltages just audio signals. However it requires a specific version of asterisk that is a few versions behind. Best on it's own PC vs your main asterisk system and treat it as a seperate PBX to interface to/through.
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    Ive wondered a bit about the ring voltages thing. I would think they could take it, but the problem is that they wont automatically pick up. I kinda wonder if you can force a sipura to go off hook without ringing.

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    E&M signalling instead.

    The simple way to implement it would be to use the Asterisk switch as a dedicated line.