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Thread: Sepura Q&A (STP8X, STP8000 and STP9000)

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    Default Sepura Q&A (STP8X, STP8000 and STP9000)

    It seems there are quite a few Sepura 407-470 MHz terminals for sale in Australia, models including;
    STP8X040 (Atex, full keypad 1W)
    STP8X140 (Atex, limited keypad 1W)
    STP8240 (Monochrome display, limited keypad)
    STP9040 (not that many actually)
    STP9240 (Monochrome display, limited keypad).

    The STP8000-series can be programmed with RM1.8, all other need RM2. STP8000-series is the only one not submersible from the above.
    STP8X does not share any accessories, chargers or batteries for that matter with the rest of the group.

    I've been playing around with a few STP8040's bought here and there (Mostly Oz) using both RM1.8 and RM2.

    Most recently I came across a bunch of STP8X040 and STP8X140 on our favourite stolen radio selling site and bought a couple.

    I'm however missing the pinout for the programming cable for the STP8X-series. Does someone have a pinout available?
    Sepura sells 300-00879 USB programming cable - but my guess is the price might be "a bit" steep for amateur use.

    If you are considering buying Sepura gear 2nd hand, please take into consideration the PUK-code that can be tried at 1try/s. It's eight digits, with or without leading zeroes. So long over 10 million tries.
    Some might have it, most don't. Of ~10 purchased, only one SRG3900 has had it.

    I might be posting other interesting findings, but Sepura seems - lite motorola - very cautious of what is publicly available - and what not. Many documents are distributed under NDA.

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    STP8X pinout, radio view top left 1, top right 2 and so on.
    1 Sasi?
    2 Mic-?
    3 ? SPKR+?
    4 ? SPKR-?
    5 GND
    6 Mic+?
    7 GND?
    8 ?
    9 3,6V?
    10 3,3V TTL RX
    11 3,3V TTL TX

    12 ?
    13 ?
    14 ?

    I've bolded those I'm certain of.