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Thread: Avoid making deals on

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    Default Avoid making deals on

    Hopefully this is the correct spot to post this.

    I would like to caution everyone to avoid, or at least be extremely cautious, about making deals on

    In April of this year I sent a member $300+ for a duplexer via Paypal. The member refused to ship the item unless I marked the item as received within Paypal, claiming that he needed the money to clear so that he could afford to ship it. When I refused he stopped communicating with me. I opened a case with Paypal and they thankfully sided with me and eventually they refunded me. For some reason I failed to do any research on this member despite usually doing so, I did some research after the failed deal and found another member that sent money for the same exact item with details in a 3 page thread about the seller. Unfortunately that member was not able to get their money back, and was scammed out of even more money.

    Fast forward to yesterday, the same item is posted again on QRZ for sale, the listing is identical same photos and all. In addition there is another item listed for sale. I see some have already replied to these threads and were having conversations with the seller about these items. Having the best interest of fellow hams in mind, I go ahead and caution them by replying to the ads with a link to the thread about the scamming being performed by the seller. I don't want to see anyone being scammed, let alone for the same item that 2 of us were already scammed over.

    This is where it gets shady. staff, the same ones that very promptly give people a hard time for not having their call sign in a photo, DELETE my comments from the for sale threads stating that they are inappropriate and discussion is not allowed. I then go to post a follow up post in the now 3 page scammer thread about this seller, and find that my account has been placed in to moderation status. My reply to the scammer thread is now deleted, as I guess it wasn't nice enough for the staff of the site to approve. So my effort to bump the scammer thread to advise those that were already conversating with the seller also failed. They do eventually delete the two for sale threads, however the older for sale threads are still there and the seller is still and active member on with his profile page showing he was last active yesterday afternoon after all of this took place.

    It is quite clear that and it's staff do not have the best interest of the members that are using the swapmeet on their site in mind. I would advise everyone to use extreme caution.

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    I have seen this several times. As soon as a scam post is noticed by the community, the mods swoop in and memory hole the thread, rather than locking it and making it apparent that someone's account has been hijacked, or they are a scammer, etc. I guess QRZ is is more interested in page hits and CPMs rather than keeping scammers off his site.

    And while we're on the subject of scammers...

    That place has always been fairly awful, but when it became apparent that the QRZ ownership was in bed with the swindlers at HamRadioDeluxe (who were ripping off pensioners and hams who weren't computer-savvy) I think a lot of people left the site for good. They spent a lot of effort defending HRD despite crystal-clear evidence of fraud.

    If you don't know what happened with that, basically HRD was caught red-handed blacklisting people who left them bad reviews on eHam, etc. and then extorting them into changing their bad reviews to good ones by remotely disabling their logging software until they complied. (After they bought the software for $100)

    Here is a timeline:

    QRZ and HRD have a long history of being in bed together (Despite the denials of Fred and his lackeys) which can be read about here:

    In short, QRZ and HRD are run by greedy, slow-witted vultures who spent weeks tripping over their own dicks trying to convince their user community that the piss running down their legs was in fact rain. No wonder they don't mind having scammers on the site, one of the biggest scammers in ham radio is the main advertiser.

    Birds of a feather flock together.

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    Remember, this is the same site that harbored a fake Navy SEAL whacker (N4DIA) until he was outed by Hamsexy. Good to see nothing's changed in the last 10+ years.
    "The Girl Scouts found several hungry REACT members at the finish line..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by motorola_otaku View Post
    Remember, this is the same site that harbored a fake Navy SEAL whacker (N4DIA) until he was outed by Hamsexy. Good to see nothing's changed in the last 10+ years.
    And people wonder how I have my amateur ticket and simultaneously hate hams. It is like the ability to vageuly memorize 27 questions long enough to pay your $10 to the VE is a vouching for how "honorable" or "knowledgeable" you can be in the community.

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