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Thread: Tait/EFJ KVL for Moto gear

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    Default Tait/EFJ KVL for Moto gear

    Anybody using either Tait or EFJ KVL soloutions for Moto gear? Do cables even exist for APX\XTL\XTS radios?


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    They do exist. They are not cheap.

    P25 Key Fill Device
    Item Code Description Price

    Key Fill Adaptor
    TPA-SV-920 XTS5000 Encryption Key-Fill adapter for Tait KFD $773
    TPA-SV-921 XTL5000 Encryption Key-Fill adapter for Tait KFD $773

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    Default Keyloading Non-Tait radios and Zetron console with Tait KFD, Loading Tait radios and Avtec console from Motorola KVL's

    Wanted to update this tread and give some detailed info for Keyloading non-Tait radios from a Tait KFD and also for keyloading Tait radio, and Avtec consoles from a Motorola KVL

    Let start with loading non-Tait radios with a Tait KFD:

    Items needed:
    Tait KFD - This is a program running on a Trimble Recon Windows mobile computer.
    Tait T03-00059-AAAA - This consists of 2 items. The adapter box and the cable to connect to the Tait KFD (219-03265-00 9 pin to 9 pin). The adapter box uses a 9 pin cable to connect to the KFD and has a RJ45 jack on the other side for cables.

    There are currently 3 cables from Tait for this box.
    T03-00060-0001 - XTS5000 - RJ45 on one end to connect to the adapter box and a XTS5000 side connector on the other side
    T03-00060-0002 - XTL5000 - RJ45 on one end to connect to the adapter box, other end has a Hirose connector and a DB25 male connector. This is made to connect to a remote mount XTL5000. The 25 pin connects to the same place a siren would and gets A+ to power the adapter box. The hirose connects either to a GCAI adapter or the older Spectra mic/ W head adapter.
    T03-00060-0005 - APX portable - RJ45 on one end to connect to the adapter box, APX portable side connector and USB on the other end. The USB is to provide power to the adapter box.

    Load Zetron Console from Tait KFD:

    Items needed:
    219-03484-00 - This cable plugs in to the Tait Adapter box RJ45, on the other end, it has a female RJ45 jack and a USB plug. The USB provides power for the box.
    TPA-SV-006 - This is a standard Tait serial programming cable. It has a 9 pin female on one end and a RJ45 plug on the other. This RJ45 plugs in to the jack on the 219-03484-00 and the 9 pin connects to the card in the Zetron cage.

    Load keys from KVL3000,3000+ or 4000 to Tait radios and Avtec console

    Items needed:
    Motorola KVL3000 (can not confirm tested), KVL3000+, KVL4000 V1.3.5000.14 and up
    Tait TPS-SV-020 Adapter box. This box has a cable on one end that connects to Motorola KVL, and a 9 pin male port on the other side.

    To load Tait radios, connect Tait keyloading cable for that model to the 9 pin connector
    To load Avtec consoles, connect 9 pin null modem cable to 9 pin serial port on computer

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