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Thread: Hello from the East Coast!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I got bit by the wireless bug back in the 80's when I saw my first 2 meter FM radio. I went to a friends house who I met on 11 meters to buy, what else, a modified CB and saw the 2 meter rig sitting on his desk.

    Immediately after that initial surprise and wonder and about a hundred questions later, at this point my friend already knew he lost the sale, plus the demo he gave me using a local repeater I was hooked.

    He suggested I go to the nearest Heathkit store (back when we had them around here) and buy a "Tune in the World with Amateur Radio" book (still have it) and a practice cw key kit which I did immediately. It was all downhill from there. ;)

    A few months later I had my ham ticket which led to my first job in electronics and then two-way radio and later and onto bigger and better things. Currently I'm working as system administrator for a Motorola 7.x public safety system which keeps me pretty busy.

    I'm very glad to be a new member here and look forward to learning, contributing and making new friends.


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    That's a hell of an introduction. Bravo! Welcome to the site.