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Thread: Zetron Model 30 to DUI3000 Problems

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    Default Zetron Model 30 to DUI3000 Problems

    Hi All,

    I have a Zetron Model 30 connected to a DIU3000(AES enabled and secured)

    I can talk to the Zetron via a radio and program it, But when i enter the connect code * in my case, i get dial tone and can make a call but when i hit the disconnect code # in my case, it seems to ignore it and passes it to the POTS line. same results on answering calls. I've verified the programming on the zetron. I have VOX disabled as its connected to a DIU and the DIU goes to a A-TAC3000 then to the quantars all via v.24. and all AES encrypted over p25. This is full digital and the only analog is between the POTS and zetron and zetron to the DIU.

    Any thoughts?


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    Maybe the Zetron wants a long # to disconnect? I know some phone patches are like that... I can't remember if the DIU programming will allow it to send a long #, but if not, you may be able to program the disconnect code to something like 1#.

    For what it's worth, I have a DIU connected to a Motorola MRTI2000 and it works ok with the DIU's * and # answer and disconnect codes.