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Thread: Atlas RID / Alias rules

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    Default Atlas RID / Alias rules

    I am assembling a document with requirements and restrictions on RIDs and aliases for various vendors P25 infrastructure. The goal is to create a "most restrictive" set of rules for RID range and alias attributes to ease import / export of users between systems. Does anyone have this data for EFJ systems?

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    The atlas system will allow any valid RID in the P25 spec. No limitations. When i was with them, they also didnt force you to buy a "seat" license. If you wanted to program 16 million radios into the database, then have at it. On a side note, i highly doubt atlas would actually have the capacity in the controllers to do it, but still

    What happened to ATLAS after KW came along, i dont know. I dont see them changing it that much though as far as P25 licensing.

    Hope this helps!