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Thread: Sad state of Hara

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    Quote Originally Posted by com501 View Post
    I bet you can't open carry in that state either. An armed society is a polite society.

    Ohio is open carry, however private property such as Hara and the fairgrounds have no firearm policies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RFI-EMI-GUY View Post
    I have only been to "Dayton" twice. The first was in the Mid 80's. A freind drove me out there. His big purchase was an UZI! Can you imagine? Anyway, the second time in the late 90's, there were these two youngish gals in short dresses darting from table to table, followed by some nerds. One of these gals lacked underwear. This is when I was told there were "hookers" at the Hamfest.
    Yep, I can confirm this. I had two very good friends, both of whom are now dead, so I can tell the tale.

    We went to Dayton regularly for 10 years running, and every year we would get cheap rooms at the Red Roof inn near Trotwood, and the two of them would get a deluxe suite at the Crowne Plaza downtown. It was the highest hotel in town, so they brought a full MSF-5000 SecureNet with a T-5600 console, duplexers and a real StationMaster to set up in the hotel room window. It was running DES-XL and full MDC Stat-Alert. They had a deluxe hospitality suite set up with the entire bathtub full of ice and various forms of alcohol.

    The two of them would order a huge quantity of hookers and cocaine. They had at least 4 but typically would have 6-10 girls visit over the course of Friday and Saturday. They partied extremely hard most or all of the weekend at night, slept all day and half of Sunday, then dove back in a hung over state. Several years they never did even make it to the flea market!

    According to several of the girls, my buddy said they were part-time amateur hookers who were mostly housewives, etc. out to make a few extra $$ for themselves when the Hamvention or larger trade shows, etc. came to town.

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    I wonder if these are same gals ICOM hired as angry wife booth babes one year. They were dressed up in pink bath robes and brandished rolling pins. There must be a photo somewhere, hamsexy maybe.

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    Lots of hysterical stories a bit off topic around a guy who used to "tag" along to Dayton ....was really an excuse to his wife to spend the night out of the house.
    Of course part of this being funny was he lived within 40 minutes of Hara and one year got a hotel three exits from his house.
    Over the course he ended up getting beat up by a pimp one year, the following year got robbed by two hookers and to add insult to insult to injury stole his brand new truck with his new laptop and more cash in it.

    Picture a guy with his pants around his knees chasing his truck out of the hotel parking lot screaming at 2AM 8)

    The insurance company was just about to pay off and Dayton PD recovered it about an hour before he was to get the check. Truck had been wrecked and abandoned so was a complete mess after he got it back.

    That was about 20 years ago and he stopped going after the truck incident as far as I know ....