I purchased a few Astro Spectra W-3 radios chassis from fleabay. The radios have the latest analog DSP and latest firmware with Smartnet. I did verify that the radios work with a W-3 setup, which was good. Then I removed the command board, Vocon and receiver board and put them in my 110W UHF chassis. the radio powered up but the following error Fail 1-90, now I know that can mean power missing somewhere or data bus error. I verified that I could talk to the radio with software and then took a "S" record from an existing radio that had been update to P-25 Type II trunking for a W-9 and programmed the radio with it. I still got the fail 1-90 but then I also got fail 2-90 and fail 1-82. I know fail 1-82 is corrupt code plug, so I loaded the code plug from my good radio too so now I am back to only fail 1-90 again. I then took the front control interface board from the working W-9 and put it on the work in progress radio and still got the fail 1-90. I put the front interface board from the analog AS on my working radio and the radio powered up OK , I still have to verify all operations of the head and TX/RX functions, but as of right now the radio TX/and RX analog and P-25 OK. So it appears that the command board has some differences between the W-3 and W-9. Anyone done this mod before or have any idea which jumpers I need to change.