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Thread: The public use of ENCRYPTION

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mars View Post
    Further to your comment...

    Rekeying often, doesn't mean use a multikey radio and manually change the key via the soft menu, every week. Rekey means physically load new key(s) into radio at specified interval or when commencing a new project/investigation. This practice mitigates many keys/ops being compromised if a radio itself is stolen/compromised.

    Load 100 multikeys into a radio. Switch the key every week. But if an adversary has obtained a radio and dumped all 100 keys, they'll be listening each time the key is soft-changed. Multi-key should only be used for traffic segmentation/unique-per-agency.
    A well funded adversary (TLA Agencies) would not even have to go to the hassle of getting those 100 keys out of a recovered radio.

    Say for example they recorded all of the traffic for months directly at baseband using SDR, they could replay all those messages later into a signal generator and use the recovered radio to do all of the decoding for them. "Data is a toxic asset" (Schneier). Get rid of those keys as soon as you are done with them. Don't even write them down.

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