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Thread: Zetron 4010R: Multiple questions, firmware, etc.

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    Default Zetron 4010R: Multiple questions, firmware, etc.

    Fellow techies,

    I've got a second-hand Zetron 4010R console arriving in the next couple of weeks, destined to become an integral part of my ham station. From everything I've learned to date, this unit is fairly old (first installed in 1998). I -think- I've found the right version of the programming software (DOS-based Zetron CPS) to use with it, but I won't know for certain until I get it. As a precaution, and in case I decide to update the firmware, I've also purchased the Windows version (CPSW) direct from Zetron.

    What I could really use is to connect with someone who's already familiar with these beasties, not just starting out as I am. My immediate questions:

    1. Do I really need to be concerned with firmware updates at all? I've heard differing opinions. One says the only advantage gained by updating to current firmware is the ability to use the Windows version of the programming software. Thoughts?
    2. Zetron tech support has said they don't recommend updating the firmware because of the hardware's age. They say it may "not be reliable." This makes no sense to me, unless they did a major hardware or CPU update during the product's lifetime (they are still in production, and supported). Thoughts?
    3. Assuming I do need to worry about it: What form does the firmware take? If it's any kind of socketed EPROM or EEPROM, I can easily create my own update, if someone who owns a current console would be willing to read their EPROMs in a device programmer and send me the resultant files. Or, if local to me, let me come by their shop with a portable device reader/programmer and read the chips myself.
    4. Is there a leakage risk from electrolytic caps in a device this old? My gut reaction is 'probably,' but I'd like to hear from anyone who might know for sure.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The firmware is in socketed EPROM's, I think 27C series devices. All of mine were replaced long ago so I don't have a source of firmware but I can't recall a time where I had the need to upgrade the firmware beyond what it shipped with.