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Thread: DTMF simple unit needed

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    Default DTMF simple unit needed

    Hi all, looking for a very simple DTMF encoder that I can activate with a contact and easily connect to a CDM mobile radio? Looking to hook to a timer that has a relay to close contact to send a pre programmed dtmf string. Looking to try to avoid using a sentri voice, something much smaller and simpler. Thanks, Rob

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    Did you ever get this figured out? CDM mobiles do have built in DTMF Call Alert, Selective Call, and PTT ID capability - any or a combination of which you could assign to a personality and channel steering accessory pin, External PTT, or external call accessory pin, so that tripping the input to active condition would blast out that pre-configured DTMF string, and steer it to an alternate personality without DTMF configured, if you have a need to transmit without sending the DTMF.

    Seems to me that periodic timed events could be implemented in ways that don't involve a radio though, unless for work alone/check-in reminders or something similar.