I've posted this on a couple of forums, so I apologize if you've seen this elsewhere.

I have a small fleet of NX5400 portables on a Harris P25 system. I have a legitimate advanced system key programmed by the system's admins. I'm thinking I might have run into a shortcoming of Kenwood syskey architecture but I hope not.

Users on this system are restricted to which talkgroups they can access by way of talkgroup ranges written into the key. My latest update has put eight ranges of talkgroups in my system key (i.e. 1234-2345, 3456-5678, 100-123, 1000-1005, 1111-1115, 6700-6725, 6727-6730, and 6751-6751 - these aren't the real IDs but you get the idea).

Apparently the system key, however, or maybe KPG-D1, only observes the first six ranges in the key. I can't program 6727 thru 6751 because KPG-D1 says the TGs aren't valid. Asking the software to show me what TGs are available to me shows me the first six lists, up to 6700-6725.

Is there a way to get either the Kenwood system key or KPG-D1 - whichever is hitting the six-range limit - to see the other two ranges?

I'm checking with the sysadmins to see if there's something that can be done. Yes, I know I could solve this by getting access to 6700-6751 contiguously and that would mean I'd have only six ranges to deal with. I'm going to look into whether I can do that. Even if I can though, that means I'll be at the six-range limit and will have this problem again if I get access to more TGs down the road.

Thanks in advance!