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Thread: Motorola MIP5000 24 to 48 Channel upgrade

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    Default Motorola MIP5000 24 to 48 Channel upgrade

    I want to expand an older (2011), Motorola MIP5000 24channel console to 48 Channel.
    Before I purchase the new firmware / upgrade license for48 channels, I need to know if the older gateways will work with the new upgrade.

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    They should work. I am going to assume that you are also upgrading the console software in the process. There is a provision for upgrading the gateways too. That upgrade makes them compatible with the new version of console software.

    Be sure you read all of the upgrade documentation before proceeding. That said, I have never had a problem with a number of upgrades that I did.

    The only issues that I ran into was with customer supplied PC's HP Z-420 Dual 6 Core CPU's. The CSDM program did not like the two processor machines. This was an isolated problem with the the computers. The customer insisted that we use them.

    You will be fine using any Z-400, Z420, Z440 machines. Most Dell business class machines seem to be OK too but you may be facing an upgrade to Windows 10 to make it work.

    That is the issue that I will be facing this summer when I upgrade 3 dispatch centers with Astro 7.16 console software. Windows 10 is required.

    As a side note I did a 4 computer upgrade to a MCC5500 system using customer supplied Dell workstations. The latest version of 5500 console software behaves on Windows 10 Pro no problems at all.

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