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Thread: TP9360 Intermittent Text message RX & display

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    Default TP9360 Intermittent Text message RX & display

    Have been have issue with a TP9360, which has call queue enabled (unanswered) with messaging & SMD data also enabled.
    On occasion the message shows on queue for option treatment, but most times a known message has been knowingly sent to me on test, results that the radio does not respond?


    Adrian Fewster

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    Sounds like JIRA-TRM-37287: DMR Tier-2 Control Status Responses Incorrect Control status and SDM’s did not correctly report reception status to the sending radio when its queue is full. The behavior is now as expected. A - NACK Memory Full - will be sent if a status or text is received when the queue is full, unless the reception is for a Control status since the control status will be handled regardless of the queue full state.

    Fixed in Radio Firmware v2.20.01
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