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Thread: HT-1250 VHF Wondering about the 2.5khz split for programming????

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    Default HT-1250 VHF Wondering about the 2.5khz split for programming????

    I recently got another job with a company that uses VHF radios. The frequency is a narrow band with a 2.5 khz split. The frequency is 153.1325 and the input is 158.1675.

    This is my question? I love the HT1250, but I know they are older radios. If I purchased a VHF version of either the HT1250, HT750 or EX500 or 600 would it allow me to input and program the 2.5 splinter frequency as given above?

    If anyone has knowledge and suggestions, it would be appreciated. I have a XTS-2500 UHF digital for my full time County job, but I really don't want to spend that type of money on this Per-diem medic job radio. I will settle for something durable and loud. I was looking at EBAY and came across this radio:

    Any help would be appreciated.

    NJ Medic

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    You can put the VHF nation wide mutual aid channels, the VCall and etc in the HT1250 and I believe they are 2.5 khz splinter channels. I have never had any problems inputting any frequency into them. I have never put in a 5 digit after the decimal point frequency, however.

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    No problem.