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Thread: Are there actually any 900 MHz Astro Spectras out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha View Post
    Part of the problem is lack of subscriber units (mobiles and portables) on 900 MHz. Commercial convertibles include EFJ 5100 (5300 mobiles too?), XTL and XTS2500's, and older analog Spectras.
    Orions and LPE-200s are both solid choices too, just to play devil's advocate. And don't forget the MTS/MCS line, GTX, and LCS2000. I've used all of the above. But none of those outside of the Astro25 radios do P25, which is what really makes this project worth pursuing.

    If y'all have never used P25 on 900, beg/borrow/steal some radios and give it a go. The improvement in range is significant, and you get P25 audio quality.
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    Default Are there actually any 900 MHz Astro Spectras out there?

    Further to what otaku said: yes, really decent range.

    The group I was formerly involved with installed a repeater at a 450 foot rooftop site, on the Canadian prairies. All flat land. We had a radius of about 100 km of coverage. That means about 200km point to point, assuming base stations with yagis. Mobiles were about 150km. P25!

    Maybe someday when there is time and means, perhaps this project can go full retard, and we can pre-make multiple quantity of 900 ASTRO spectras for a reasonable (but for-profit) fee. Iím all for getting more of us active on 900.

    I also predict a renewed interest in P25 surplus in the ham bands as Moto has dicked us on DMR, especially the fake ďbandstopĒ on the 7580e and I imagine the 5580e units, along with the new CPS 2.0 nonsense.

    Iím sure good things are coming for us again. If only we could get more people connected with the dongles/quantars, without messing with the encryption information headers.

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