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Thread: Impress 2 batteries and charger issues

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    Default Impress 2 batteries and charger issues

    I have been seeing an issue with APX PMNN4486A batteries from 17xx date codes and NNTN8845A single chargers. The batteries act like they initialized in the chargers and then the users complained that they were not charging. Users stated that the chargers indicated a red to green charge but in fact did not charge. When plugged into a newer 6 pack charger with displays the batteries come up as unknown. If we take the same battery and put it in an IMPRES 1 charger it successfully initializes but may still have intermittent issues with the IMPRES 2 chargers.This was repeateable with a 18xx date code PMNN44896A battery as well.

    Has anyone else seen this or is it just us?

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    Does it read at all in a data reader-only device, or with the USB cable attached to the NNTN8845?

    Last time I had an IMPRES 2 battery not read properly after multiple reconditioning cycles (any charger, it would immediately go into recondition when dropped in because it had zero data on when the last one completed successfully), there was no issue with the RMA case and with the date code confirmation, it was replaced under the 4-year warranty. I don't think any of the IMPRES 2 line is old enough to NOT be under warranty still (they came out in 2016, if I remember).