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Thread: Standard Horizon HX380 Handheld Marine VHF Radio

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    Default Standard Horizon HX380 Handheld Marine VHF Radio

    I have been considering a couple of marine handhelds, either Icom or Standard Horizon, possibly the Standard Horizon HX380. How does their quality compare to others these days? Is it okay or is it just like the cheap Chinese radios that have flooded hammy radio in a "race to the bottom"?

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    I have a HX210E which I use just on receive Scan, excellent build quality and really good strong audio from it. The front end is great on RX, but not able to test TX. I have seen excellent Reports on both the Icom M25 and M35, it would then depend on budget. I think in my opinion the Icom would be a better deal as far as value for money is concerned.
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