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Thread: xtl2500 450-527mhz model - rx vco mod to go to 430

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    Default xtl2500 450-527mhz model - rx vco mod to go to 430

    gday all, i have a 45 watt xtl2500 here wich is of the 450-527mhz band . the radio will work as low as 440 now but i need it to go down to 430 for 70cm ham. the TX seems stable down to 430 but the RX goes out of lock . i know its possible to mod these down so can someone please explain how it is done ? many thanks


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    yes it is possible to mod the VCO. This would require experiance with SMT componants and a bit of playing with values. Remember if you pull the rx lock down you will affect the top end lock freq.

    I would suggest reading the service manual and look at the vco section. Section 4.3.2 gives a description of the VCO operation. A quick look indicates that a pull up resistor similar the the ASTRO VCO mod may do what you want.

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