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Thread: What alternatives to Quantar?

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    Default What alternatives to Quantar?

    Hi all,

    Just asking all the guys involved in Ham Repeaters, are most or all using Quantar?

    Is there any alternative that will run "proper P25"

    and also what band are most using?

    Thanks in advance


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    I think the vast majority of ham repeaters are NOT Quantars. That being said, I believe the Quantar is one of the best ham machines out there. They are getting plentiful, and are rock solid performers. They have some silly niggly problems, but they are easily fixed.

    There are other P25 options, like MASTRIIIs and Tait and others, but they are not as popular, mostly because of numbers sold and available on the used market.

    I peruse EPay often for Quantars. Range 2 UHF seem quite rare (Mine are all UHF Range 2, and I always want more), compared to VHF and 900 machines. That leads me to believe that, either not a lot of Range 2s were made and sold, so there aren't many hitting the second hand market, or that they are being snapped up and used, so they are not being making it to the secondary market as frequently, but I have no hard evidence or numbers to support those assumptions.

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    Daniels/Codan MT-4 series. Extremely fuel efficient, high quality, North American designed and engineered. A bunch of different options for power output, from up to 10w out of the exciter to 100w+ external PAs.

    They also make a drop in 100w replacement for Quantars.

    You will need a significantly larger budget for Codan gear, than a used Quantar though.

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    MASTR IIIs are solid repeaters but much more difficult to part together on the used market. They also require an external power supply and PA like a Quantro. And they don't speak V.24, so no linking.

    For P25 on ham a Quantar is about as good as it gets.

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