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Thread: newbie question about starcom 21

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    Default newbie question about starcom 21

    can the astro saber 3 receive on the starcom 21 system or is a xts model needed? can the astro be updated to do this or is it just to old of a radio?? thanks

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    It's a 100% P25 system with some areas using 700 mhz channels. If it has the right firmware it could possibly do the 9600 baud trunking, but you would be limited to the 800 mhz only sites.

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    yeah i just wanna do the 800mhz i can do the motorola smartnet stuff but my area is on the starcom system.and all i have is a astro saber 3 1 meg..i think im in the wrong forum for this if you dont mind me asking do you by any chance know what firmware i would need? thanks..

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    its really going to depend on which tower you are trying to monitor in the chicago area alot of towers are using the 700 meg freqs. i would go to retardreference and locate the tower closest to you and see what the primary control channel is. It may not be worth messing with.

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    Thread moved from ASTRO25 forum to ASTRO forum. ASTRO Saber is not an ASTRO25-family radio. Thanks.

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    Dan, this is the other thread that Pezking was referring to. You are asking the same thing in this thread as the other one which I replied to. I am closing this thread since it's a duplicate essentially.