I've got an XTL1500 that is driving me nuts and won't no affiliate scan. Background - Radio as received by me was analog only with old FW (11 I think? I forget now..). The flashcode was upgraded to support digital & trunking, FW & DSP updated to latest greatest with a legit iButton. Program in a system near me that I've done countless times on other radios... and nothing. Crickets. Program in the control channel as a conventional channel and it's loud and clear. Program in voice channels as conventional with the proper NAC, same thing, loud and clear. But it won't trunk... alignment issue? I'm thinking that's all that's really left. I've been over the programming a dozen times and compared to saved codeplugs from previous XTLs scanning the same system and all looks good. Ready to heave the damn thing out the window at this point! And yes I know I should have saved the tuning values before upgrading the FW and I totally forgot... which may have now bitten me in the ***