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Thread: Best multi-band cellular booster antenna

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    Default Best multi-band cellular booster antenna

    Anyone running a booster in their mobile set up? in some areas, outside of the big cities, a booster is almost mandatory. I live near the Canadian Rockies, and some of the territory is a little challenging at times. I invested in the WeBoost Drive 4G-M a while back. I did a proper installation with an NMO on the roof, going directly into the booster. The handset pad is located in my centre console, and the phone sits directly on top of it.

    now in terms of the antenna, I've been through pretty much every single one of them. Low profile knobs, crap from Amazon, crap from Browning. Everything. I've tested them on all bands. I have found the more expensive ones, tend to be the worst performing. I do my testing by using an Android, and locking it on a particular band, and looking at results via Network Cell Info (pro app).

    A while back, I networked with one of the cellular techs from the Telco. He's an RF guy, not a mouth breather. He clued me in on an amazing product, made by a local company here:

    This is the Sure Power. By far, it outperforms everything else, and also works excellent for 700/800 LMR. Sometimes I swap between the booster and an XTL.

    Construction build quality is better than a Larsen. This is what the Telco uses on all of the tech vehicles.

    For anyone who is serious and uses a booster, you won't be disappointed if you pick this up. It also doesn't look like a cheap, stupid, booster antenna.

    Pro tip for anyone who buys a booster kit: throw out the useless antenna it comes with.

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    Do you have a radio in the vehicle as well? We noticed that the weboost was causing lots of de sense and other issues when on 700/800 on the state system we sometimes work off of.

    Found what actually works well for us is using a product like the cradlepoint or a like type of device. Gives you data access in your car, there special sauce seems to pull more 4g magic out of the air than the weboost as well. You just use wifi calling when your out and about and it provides you with cell boot like usability. We have been in several rural areas where the cradle point out performed the weboost in reception, providing calling abilities on cell phone, as well as how many users can use the device at one time.

    A thought any way.