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Thread: 900 mhz Spectra D37

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    Question 900 mhz Spectra D37

    I am trying to get more convertional modes in a 900 mhz Spectra. It originally had only 10 conventional modes.

    I replaced the MLM with a version v6.15. When I change the bits on the command board to reflect another 900 Spectra and checked the MLM bits then load in a good codeplug I get the following error 'EEProm Versions Do Not Match Version Conversion is necessary'. Is there a place in moflag to bitbang to fix this?

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    I had to think about this one for awhile. What ver MLM did you remove? If it is a ver 1 to 3 it has less memory, as it has less chips on it than a ver 6. As a consequence of this the codeplug structure is different, and lab will reconfigure it when you install the ver 6 MLM during programming of the ver 6 codeplug. It's pretty had to totally brick a Spectra. I have resurrected many after doing stupid things to it.