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Thread: orion power connector dissasembly?

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    Default orion power connector dissasembly?

    Anyone here ever disassembled a orion power cable connector (cord end not radio end) to install new wire?
    What is the best way to pull these apart?
    Also are the pins soldered/crimped/screwed on ?

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    From what I remember they are molded together on the radio end, what do you mean cord end?

    On the other end there should be a 10 or so foot long black wire ending in a lug, and a 25 foot long red wire ending in a crimped on inline fuse holder and a lug.

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    Right. I have been told that its possible to replace the wire off of the connector with new wire (all the cords I have have 3' of wire on them) and it'd be nice to make them full length again. The cap on the back of them is possible to remove but it is a royal PITA. RF Guys were selling replacement orion cables that they replaced the short leads on cables from ebay.

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    The wire ends are crimped and factory over-molded - it's usually a better plan to splice the wires rather than trying to disassemble them. The RFguys cables are brand-new, just short from the factory, mainly because FedExing rolls of std 10-ga wire can cost a lot more than the connector assemblies themselves.