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Thread: Motorola XPR Graphic Format and Editing for "Welcome Image"

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    Default Motorola XPR Graphic Format and Editing for "Welcome Image"

    Working on editing images for the XPR series portable and mobile radios, here are the specifications for the color depth that should be set for the ones with 256 bit color.

    Using GIMP to edit images, you resize the image to the exact pixel specification for the radio.

    The XPR7550 and XPR7550e radios have 132 pixel by 90 pixel images.
    The XPR5550 and XPR5550e radios have 160 pixel by 72 pixel images.

    These are described as having 256 bit color depth, but the details of which format 256 bit depth used in the saved .bmp files is not described.

    I generally edit these images as full color high resolution and then downsize them. One of the last steps should be to remove the alpha transparency channel in the image. My master is stored as a native GIMP .xcf image format. I save a full resolution version as a .bmp without the alpha channel and a white background, then resize it and save it for loading into the radio.

    When using GIMP, to set the correct color mode turn on the following features:

    • under Image/Mode select "Indexed"
    • under Image/Precision select "256 bit"
    • under Image/Color Management enable color management
    • Save as .bmp 256bit format with a new filename
    • Write WITHOUT color space information

    The resulting image file should load directly into the radio using CPS on the "General settings" page.

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